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Wireless Telecom Training

Today’s lightening paced telecommunications technology evolution requires all the eco-system partners of the communication industry to have an appropriate level of understanding of the evolving technology landscape at each level of the organization, from the engineers on the ground to the executive management team making the strategic corporate decisions.

Orchestra Technology is an industry leader in training services worldwide, and our training services bring added value to our customers by empowering them with the knowledge and foresight required to manage their technology operations. We specialize in training delivery, domain certification, and training program management.


We offer a wide selection of course material ranging from telecom fundamentals and legacy technologies, to advanced architecture and industry leading technologies.


All of our courses can be tailored to suit your needs to ensure maximum benefit. We take pride in working with our students to understand their goals and how the newly acquired knowledge will be applied, so that we can focus the lecture and practical components of the course accordingly. Our delivery methods are highly interactive, and structured such a way so as to keep the trainees focused on learning instead of taking notes. Our trainers take the time to raise thought provoking discussion topics and industry examples to engage the students and build an interactive atmosphere.