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Staffing and Consulting for Wireless Operators and OEMs

The primary challenge faced by any company to implement its vision is to find the right talent. It can be a time consuming, challenging, and downright frustrating experience. Even after you have located, screened, interviewed, and assessed a candidate, an uncertainty still looms over how well they will actually integrate into your organization, and how effective they will be at performing the required duties.

A trusted partner, Orchestra Technology can help alleviate the frustration and minimize the uncertainty associated with talent acquisition in your organization. We offer multitude of services such as contract, contract to hire, and full-time hire resource placement services focused exclusively on the telecommunications sector.


Orchestra follows a multi-stage approach for identifying ideal candidates which includes interviews by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in the relevant field of hire, a technical assessment where applicable, and an evaluation of interpersonal traits such as communication, problem solving, and attitude, among other criteria. With a large pool of known and proven talent, when you receive a candidate for evaluation from Orchestra Technology, you can be rest assured that they are qualified and possess the necessary skills to execute the job.


Orchestra Technology takes traditional staffing beyond merely providing resources to companies. We also have a genuine interest in the ongoing success of your project as well as the success of the individuals placed. We can take the selected candidates through an on-boarding process, if required, to provide basic, essential training required for immediate contribution to your project, as well as ensure continued alignment and productivity through periodic monitoring and mentoring.


In addition to resource placement, Orchestra Technology offers professional technology consulting services specialized in the telecommunication sector. We have access to a large network of seasoned industry experts whom can assist your organization by conducting and drafting:

  • Market research & business analysis
  • Technical Research and Feasibility studies
  • Process design, optimization and automation
  • Requests for proposals support
  • Technology/vendor selection

Key Strengths

  • Client Requirement and Candidate skills’ assessment
    • Technical background to understand client’s needs and match candidates’ skills
    • Proven processes to progressively screen candidates
    • Prioritize and recommend appropriate training courses
  • Multiple consulting engagement services provided
    • Engagements: Contract, Contract to hire, Permanent, Full-Time
    • Services: HR screening, Retained, Business consulting
  • Extensive Experience in consulting
    • Orchestra consultants currently engaged with Tier 1 operators
    • Orchestra consultants currently engaged with Tier 1 Network Equipment vendors