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Test & Test Automation

Strong Test Engineering Foundation

Quality is one of the primary factors that determine the success and longevity of a product in today’s marketplace. Stability, Reliability, Robustness, and defect-free are the key criteria that determine the success of the product. A poor quality product can impact the project, regardless of what other positive attributes it may possess, including low cost. Cost of product recalls and bug-fixes post-launch is extremely costly and results in customer churn and revenue loss. An effective test strategy complemented with a competitive test execution helps ensure stability, reliability, robustness

An increasingly important quality driver, and integral component of a successful test portfolio, is automation. With requirements such as seamless network integration, interoperability with both leading and legacy technologies, and multiple certifications becoming increasingly commonplace, the number of test scenarios required to ensure compliance can easily spiral out of control and become crippling to manage and execute. An effective test portfolio including automation components can alleviate this burden.

Orchestra Technology’s approach to testing combines customers’’ needs with proven methodology, tools and technology to produce an effective and efficient overall test strategy, resulting in measurable and sustainable quality gains as well as cost savings. Aided through its flagship product, Intelli-Agent, we offer a broad range of testing services including test engineering and consulting, mobile device testing, and network infrastructure product testing.

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Broad Testing Spectrum

Orchestra’s Test services spectrum spans the entire communication eco-system covering from User premise Equipment (devices), Radio Access Network, Packet core, Call/Session Control, Application Platforms, Content Servers and OSS/BSS.

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Wide range of Test and Test Automation Services

Powered by our knowledgeable, well trained, dedicated and reliable team of test professionals with broad range of experience and expertise, Orchestra’s Test Engineering and Automation portfolio spans the following:

Test Engineering

  • Test Strategy & Framework Creation/Evolution
  • Test Processes Assessment, Definition, Modeling & Monitoring
  • Test Environment  Assessment  & Recommendations
  • Test Plan Creation & Test Case Definition
  • Test Tools Recommendation

Test Execution and Management

  • Develop Detailed Test Procedures
  • Execute Test Cases, Help Troubleshoot & Resolve Defects
  • Provide Detailed Analysis & Test Reports
  • Test Management (Track, Monitor, Control, & Report)

Test Automation

  • Assess/Create Automation Strategy & Processes
  • Develop / Evolve Automation Framework
  • Develop /Test Automation Scripts
  • Integrate Automation in Test Environment / Test Schedule
  • Maintain, Enhance & Evolve Test Automation

Intelli-Agent as a Test Framework Platform

Orchestra’s flagship product Intelli-Agent, is a complete test framework platform that can help achieve great levels of automation in testing devices and network elements alike. Intelli-Agent allows automation of multiple end-to-end scenarios by using Intelli-Agent server as a test conductor controlling multiple devices, network elements and other test tools via its cloud control API framework. Intelli-Agent can alleviate the pain of manual testing by being deployed as a network probe to automatically run various call scenarios to perform End-to-End testing after network changes related to network upgrades, optimization etc.

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Key Benefits of Orchestra’s Test and Test Automation Practice

  • Proven Test Strategies
  • Mature Test Methodologies
  • Efficient Test Processes
  • Accomplished at all Stages of Test Life Cycle
  • Experienced in Wide Range of  Commercial Test  Tools
  • Knowledge of Wide Array of Open Source Test Tools
  • Create & Understand Test Environments
  • Skilled at Lab Architecture, Design & Operations
  • Proficient  in Network Design & Engineering
  • Expertise in Wireless, Telecom & IP Technologies
  • Reputed for Implementing Next Generation Wireless Solutions