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Network Engineering

Network Engineering Services

Wireless network performance problems that result in dropped calls, lost data connections and diminished throughput Network performance problems such as dropped calls and diminished throughput can lead to increased customer churn and poor market perception, which ultimately impact the bottom line and revenue of the Service Providers. Another challenge faced by Service Providers is a communications industry that is constantly evolving with respect to technology, content, business models, and user preferences. This reality has led to network maintenance, expansion, and upgrades becoming a critical component of all service provider operations. In order to be a business leader and a provide state-of-the-art customer experience, Service Providers must select and deploy best-in-class solutions from amongst multiple vendors. Deploying such advanced solutions requires a team of individuals with extensive experience in technology selection, program management, and execution who can swiftly navigate through the complexities involved.

Orchestra Technology’s Network Engineering Services practice offers a wide array of services covering the full spectrum of core and radio access network technologies (GSM/GPRS/UMTS/HSPA/HSPA+/LTE). Our services are offered under various business models including consulting, turn-key (fixed or variable scope), or managed services. Staffed with a team of highly qualified engineers, technicians, and program managers backed by proven processes and methodology, Orchestra promises best-in-class network rollout.


Core Network Engineering and Modernization Services

Orchestra Technology’s Core Network Engineering and Modernization Services practice supports mobile services providers and their System Integration (SI) and Infrastructure OEM partners with network Planning, Design, Deployment, as well as network Operations, Maintenance, and Modernization. Staffed with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) possessing knowledge in a wide array of equipment, technology, and solutions from numerous vendors, and supported by experienced program management professionals, processes, and methodologies, makes Orchestra Technology a leading player in the Core Network Engineering and Modernization Services domain.


Radio Access Network (RAN) Services

Orchestra Technology’s RAN engineering practice supports mobile operators and their infrastructure OEM partners with planning, design, troubleshooting, and optimization of mobile access networks. We have expertise and experience in LTE, 3G, and 2G networks as well as a wide variety of OEM vendors’ equipment and solutions. Orchestra Technology’s RAN Engineering teams leverage right-fit tools and methodologies including our own Intelli-Agent (IA) platform. We support the entire RAN value stream including planning and design, Build (EF&I), tuning and optimization, and modernization and transformation.


Drive Testing Services

Mobile Service Providers must constantly measure and optimize network performance in the field as a result of network upgrades, technology changes, landscape changes, device proliferation, etc. Drive testing has become an integral part of the network optimization process requiring skilled personal with an understanding of the tools, technology, and methodology to perform the task. Orchestra Technology’s Drive Test team leverages right-fit tools and methodologies including our own Intelligent Agent (IA) platform, to provide drive test services.