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Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise Mobile Application Development

Real Mobility Solutions for Real Business Problems

Orchestra Technology helps enterprises solve complex business challenges and improve business process performance through the use of mobile technology. Mobile applications, with proper business and process analysis, can improve the performance of many core business processes of the enterprise. However, enterprise mobile applications are not “fun apps” and must adhere to specific corporate policies and integrate effectively with other enterprise systems if they are to make a measurable business impact.

Our Patent pending Intelli-Agent Platform (IA) enables rapid creation of context aware (location, network characteristics, policies, etc,) secure business mobility solutions. It provides communication and integration capabilities between back off systems and mobile devices in a seamless manner there by reducing time to build and deploy. Its advanced monitoring features measure and report usage of device and network resource by Apps allowing further optimization.

We know how to deliver location aware, visually rich, secure and scalable enterprise mobility solutions and have people, platform expertise, and processes in place to assure consistent high-quality outcomes for our engagements.