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Customer Experience Management Solution

A growing gap between end-user expectations and service delivery, coupled with eroding trust and customer ownership, and ever increasing competition makes Customer Experience Management (CEM), highly relevant to all players in the mobile service delivery chain. More and more customers are demanding a truly integrated experience of devices, services and network. Service Providers find it difficult to integrate real customer experience as part of service assurance as they seldom experience what the customers generally experience.

Customer Experience: Measured, Integrated, Analyzed and Managed

Any ordinary mobile smart device equipped with the Intelli-Agent client becomes a powerful data collection tool that can measure key device, applications, service and network KPIs that influence customer experience. Coupled with a powerful backend analytics and business rule engine, the measured performance is made actionable in the hands of service provider. On a desk, in a pocket, on a call, in a ruggedized case, stationary or mobile, anywhere, anytime, an Intelli-Agent enabled device can autonomously execute tests and collect intelligence, and relay information back to the server.

Intelli-Agent Customer Experience Management solution spans

  • Measuring QoS for Voice, Data, Messaging, Network and Devices (stationary or mobile)
  • Services and Devices benchmarking
  • End to End Diagnostics and Troubleshooting
  • Feedback loop into OAM/OSS for corrections
  • Large Venue Customer Experience Management

Turn Data into Actionable Business Intelligence

An army of Intelli-Agent enabled devices collecting and relaying information represents a flexible and cost-effective way to collect diverse data around network and device performance. While access to raw data is essential and valuable, an equally important aspect is the ability to take that raw data and turn it into actionable business intelligence and reporting.   What is it telling me?  Where is the real problem?  What can I do about it? Data, in itself, does not solve business problems.  It must be transformed into meaningful, actionable information that can be used to support intelligent decision making. Intelli-Agent was developed with this challenge in mind.

Intelli-Agent’s server platform hosts a powerful, robust, and flexible business intelligence and reporting engine that turns a myriad of raw data into polished, precise, and actionable business intelligence reports. Intelli-Agent reports are interactive and real-time, and offer an unprecedented level of clarity to take the ambiguity out of analysis and strategic decision making. The collected metrics are correlated to Applications, Devices and Mobile Services such as Browsing, Streaming, Email, Voice, MMS, SMS etc. on Wireless (3G, 4G) and Wi-Fi networks with further co-relation with metrics related to Network Quality and Coverage, Location and Device providing a complete view.


Key Benefits

  • Establishes an understanding of Customer Experience in relation to Devices, Networks and APPs
  • Leads to Network Optimization, Planning and Configuration changes
  • Leads to quicker identification and improvements in APP and Device functionality
  • Trends and comparisons based on collected data help to increase ARPU and Retention