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The World of Mobile Apps is exploding! Customers and employees are increasingly forcing businesses to go Mobile. The customers and employees want Apps on their devices so they can do all the actions they currently able perform on their desktop. ‘Untether Me! I will buy more and be more productive’ is the order of the day. This is triggering an avalanche of Mobile App development.

Also, as the people increasingly go Mobile, the demand for Bring your Own Device (BYOD) and Bring Your Own Apps (BYOA) policies from Enterprises will accelerate. This will trigger an exponential growth in private Enterprise Apps stores that will contain Enterprise approved Devices and Apps that an employee can use for business as well as personal use so that security is not breached.  25% of enterprises are expected to have their own private enterprise Apps stores by 2017.

Another issue that Enterprises are dealing with is related to the valuable customer data that is generated by the usage of the Apps by their customers and employees. Enterprises would like to keep such information within their Walled Gardens. A trailing impact of this will also be the explosion of custom Apps that enterprises will build and house within their Enterprise App Stores.

Today there are 2 million Apps that generate $26 Billion in Revenue. Projections suggest that there will be 10 million Apps generating $40 Billion. Mobility, hence is a high growth segment that comes with its own challenges such as APPs maintenance, APPs Inventory management, APPs usage pattern, Device performance (as it relates to Apps), device security (as it relates to Apps) and, associated carrier network performance (as it relates to Apps).

Additionally, the App developers, be they independent entrepreneurs, or enterprise employees must develop Apps that people will use so that their Apps can stand out in the jungle of Apps where an App deletion is one click away.

Orchestra Technology believes that Customer loyalty/satisfaction will be won  through superior app performance and design.

Application Analytics: Measured, Integrated, Analyzed and Managed

With Intelli-agent, App developers can get important information they need to have an elegant App that is effective and efficient.

Intelli-Agent can collect, analyze, and provide access to over 50 APP related metrics (who is using, when, which feature, which devices, what time of the day, which network, under what conditions etc.) with further correlation with approximately 50 additional metrics related to devices, network, location, service plan etc.). Intelli-Agent Applications Analytics solution spans:

app analytics1

Key features of the APP Analytics Framework are:

  • Modular – commands -> test cases -> test suite
  • Reusable – Create test libraries and use as needed
  • Database Driven – Easy access
  • Multi-Threaded – Assign various test cases/suite to different device/user profiles simultaneously
  • Flexible – Create report in any chosen format

app analytics2

Key Benefits

Due to deeper understanding of APP Performance, APP Usage from resources and features, networks, devices, demographics perspective

       -Improved Marketing Strategy, Pricing Models


      -Improved Product Roadmaps, hence lower R&D costs


      -Quicker launch to market, effective deployment with minimal field errors


              -Quicker resolutions of the user complaints