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Active Testing and Test Automation Solutions

The complexity of delivering a plethora of devices, unlimited applications and variety of network technologies to the ever-hungry user, puts immense pressure on Service providers, Mobile Infrastructure, device manufacturers and application providers to maintain the service levels promised to its customers. It is extremely challenging task for the manufacturers and service providers to undertake a complete and exhaustive series of tests as there is never enough time to complete the tests and it is just too costly to carry out complete set of tests manually.

Active Testing and Test Automation: Performed, Integrated and Managed

Using Intelli-Agent, End-to-End test scenarios can be automated by driving mobile traffic, and using IA as a Test conductor to control network elements and other test tools via its Cloud Control API Framework. Additionally, Intelli-Agent can be deployed as a network probe to perform various End-to-End call scenarios in order to validate network changes including upgrades, optimization etc.

Intelli-Agent Customer Experience Management solution spans:

  • Lab testing and test automation of devices and network elements
  • FOA and Field Testing Automation
  • Friendly User Testing (FUT)
  • Handover Testing across small cell/ Wi-Fi network to macro network boundaries
  • Expandable solution allows integration with third-party test and control equipment

Test Automation Framework

Intelli-Agent for Active Testing and Test Automation is a Test Automation Framework that allows users to create libraries of test scripts, automate execution of test scripts via a scheduler, control external test equipment while the tests are running, aggregate logs from multiple sources, and report results.

Key features of the Test Automation Framework are:

  • Modular – commands -> test cases -> test suite
  • Reusable – Create test libraries and use as needed
  • Database Driven – Easy access
  • Multi-Threaded – Assign various test cases/suite to different device/user profiles simultaneously
  • Flexible – Create report in any chosen format

Test automation framework

Key Benefits

  • Improved test coverage in an automated manner in Labs and Field environment
  • Easier troubleshooting using E2E Logs collected in IA Server
  • Quicker market launch of new devices, services and APPs