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A rapid evolution in Mobile networks is underway in Network Infrastructure, Value Added Services, and Devices, driven by always-connected Mobile users with smart phones and tablets demanding higher bandwidth in addition to new applications and services. All players in the mobile services delivery chain are facing immense pressure to test, deploy and manage the complex mesh of technologies required to enable this evolution while continuing to meet end-user expectations for service and quality.

The need of the hour is a tool that closely mimics end-user device behavior, collects, analyzes the data and takes corrective measures by pushing the actions into a decision support system with minimal human intervention.

Introducing Intelli-Agent (IA)

Orchestra Technology’s Flagship product, Intelli-Agent (IA) is a cloud based platform comprising of a suite of solutions that helps:

  • Service Providers, Wireless and Mobile infrastructure providers, Device Manufacturers and Application providers  assure and optimize network performance,
  • effectively measure, analyze and manage devices, services and network KPIs and assets,
  • improve overall customer experience, and
  • efficiently and rapidly roll out new services providing tangible benefits such as increase in ARPU and reduction in customer care expenses.

A light-weight, non-intrusive agent running on a mobile device, communicating with a remote cloud server, can be instructed to execute a wide range of scenarios and tasks, and can collect a myriad of data ranging from surrounding RF conditions, device parameters and app usage information usage . The raw, unprocessed data is then relayed back to the remote server where a powerful business intelligence engine processes the data into clear, concise, and actionable reports that provide a superior capability to monitor, analyze, troubleshoot, and optimize network and device performance, with the goal of enhancing overall customer experience.

Intelli-Agent Use Cases

Intelli-Agent Architecture

Intelli-Agent – Key Features

      ✓ Cloud based client-server architecture
      ✓ Access Network and device Agnostic
      ✓ Intuitive GUI – compose action/test sequences using a pre-built library or rich GUI
      ✓ Schedule on one or many devices, network elements or test equipment
      ✓ Measure KPIs for Voice, Data, Messaging, Network, and Device
      ✓ Correlation of data with location, cell ID, RF conditions and external data sources
      ✓ Powerful Analytics and Business rules engines for automatic alerts
      ✓ Multi-dimensional visualization – cut & slice the raw data in way the customer wants
      ✓ Available in a robust field deployable kit
      ✓ Extendible through APIs

Data Analytics on Multiple Dimensions

IA-data analytics on multiple dimentions
Intelli-Agent – Key Benefits

Increases ARPU

      • By providing better customer experience and ensuring service availability
      • By faster and error-free deployment of Devices and Services
      • Increasing Customer loyalty/satisfaction by superior App Performance and Design

Decreases Opex

      • By reducing troubleshooting time and hence customer care cost
      • By reducing Testing cycles through automation
      • By automating several tasks related to launch of Devices and Services

Reduces Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

      • By providing multiple use cases
      • By providing the solution on commercially available smart phones
      • By Providing seamless integration with Network& Test Equipment and existing OAM and OSS systems

Easy to deploy and Easier to use OT’s managed services

    • Offered as a Cloud, Hosted or Services as a Solution on commercially available smart phones
    • Passive or Active clients that can be indoors, outdoors, employees or subscribers