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Understanding your customer and product – Testing the Smartphone Case

When was the last time you had tons of customer data and were faced with the challenge of making an implementable business strategy out of it? Did you ever need to perform app analytics or active testing and test automation for a new product? Chances are that if you are either a wireless service provider, device manufacturer, network equipment manufacturer or quite simply an enterprise that manages apps, you are doing that right now. Wouldn’t you prefer a one stop shop for all these rather crucial features? One that provides an end to end solution and enhances your customer experience.

Intelli-Agent, designed by Orchestra Technology, lets you accomplish just that, and more. With cloud based client-server architecture, you can easily mimic the customer behavior, collect data and analyze it to take corrective measures with minimal human intervention, be it device diagnostics, app analytics etc. Let’s try to understand how this works with a live case.

Few months ago Orchestra technology was approached by WavCatcher, a phone accessories company in the DFW area. The client wanted to quality test their new phone case. This phone case was developed to enhance user experiences by boosting Cellular, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth signals, in turn saving battery consumption. With the help of Intelli-Agent, we identified six critical KPIs and four different test scenarios, which consisted a combination of LTE and Wi-Fi both with and without GPS.

To conduct deeper analysis and provide more relevant recommendations, we performed this test using an iPhone 6s as the base phone. The three comparative tests included iPhone 6s with the client’s phone case, iPhone 6s with a competitor’s phone case and another with no phone case. A quick illustration of the tests can be found below:

After running all these complex simulations, we provided the client with detailed reports, which stated that the new phone case designed by the client was indeed outperforming its competitors. All these reports were very user-friendly and were created using Intelli-Agent itself. This tool made the entire process of running the tests very quick, efficient and automated.

Intelli-Agent (IA) is a fully automated, cloud based mobile platform. IA Platform is the foundation for multiple products namely, IA-WiFi Suite, IA-Network Suite, IA-Multi-media Suite and IA-Device Suite. IA platform can compose and orchestrate actions on Mobile devices/Network elements in any Cellular or WiFi network, by measuring, analyzing and reporting metrics related to service, network equipment, device, and applications.

Intelli-Agent can easily execute a wide range of mobile tasks, capture the vast amount of data, and process the data into actionable reports. Helping this phone accessories company evaluate its product’s viability, was just one of the many ways Orchestra Technology is able to serve customers. We strive hard to provide best customizable solutions for any client that we work with, so that they can make their customers happy.

WavCatcher Inc., ( a phone accessories company in the DFW area, is a cutting edge wireless developer specializing in conformal antenna and phased array solutions. WavCatcher™ is releasing this year, its first consumer product, a smartphone case that expands cellular, WiFi and Bluetooth signal coverages. With a WavCatcher™ case on their device, consumers will experience fewer service interruptions, faster data throughput and longer battery life. WavCatcher’s mission is to create products and solutions that will help people, literally and metaphorically, go farther.

Orchestra Technology Inc., (OT) is a specialist technology partner for the Communication (Wireless and Wireline) eco-system. OT provides a focused set of services and products to help its customers manage and optimize network performance, roll out new services faster and cost-effectively, and improve overall customer experience. Focused on quality and a rigorous approach to project management together with network of seasoned professionals, enables OT to deliver products, projects and managed services in a cost effective manner. OT has served 50 plus customers from ‘start-ups’ to Fortune 500 companies since its inception in 2010 in Richardson, TX. It was founded by Anuj Jain (CEO) and Jairaj Hegde (VP) with a vision to accelerate adoption of new products while maximizing the return on the existing technology. The team has grown to 150 strong and expanded its engineering presence in multiple states in USA and R&D center in India.

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Jairaj Hegde is a Keynote speaker at CIE 27th Annual Convention

As they say, “Anything that can be connected, will be connected”. Internet of Things (IoT) is one promising paradigm that has potential to impact networking larger than life.

Chinese Institute of Engineers (CIE) hosted its 27th annual convention with a concentrate on Technology, Manufacturing, Operation and Services.   Orchestra Technology is one organization that shares the same vision by bringing together best of Talents, Technology and Services in the area of wireless communications and networking.

Very well recognized as a Mobility Expert, Jairaj was invited as one of the key note speakers at CIE 27th annual convention to share his technical expertise & experience and, serve the very purpose of the symposium “Smart City, SmartLife”.

img_2928During his discourse, Jairaj talked of the various challenges of Internet of Things and the command and control that can be done with IoT, with a bigger focus on the Security issues that is faced with IoT. Jairaj says, ‘’ IoT is a seamless combination of embedded intelligence, ubiquitous connectivity and deep analytical insights. It is a deep kinetics of things creating unique and disruptive value for businesses, consumers and societies. A Phenomena that can scale high because of falling hardware costs, cloud services and relatively ubiquitous communications.”  He discussed the different challenges in deploying IoT services, the value propositions, the scalability that has to be achieved and how to convert the challenges into opportunities by way of scaling services, applications, censors and infrastructure.

With the limitless opportunities that this computing concept brings about, comes along challenge of making it insusceptible. The advent of high scale IoT poses various kind of threats like DDos, Information disclosure, Device Spoof/MIMT, Poor Management etc. He emphasised on how any weak link can bring about device-to-device attack. IoT is comprised of interdependent, complex and cumbersome network where there are many stakeholders and service providers at each point in the architecture. The whole system starting from the gateway to network, to devices, to end point, to data centre, have their own bringing off and any compromise of device at any stage, internally or externally, can corrupt the whole system. He suggests that IoT vulnerabilities is mainly because the devices are very small in size and the constant pressure to bring the cost down.

In his presentation, Jairaj proposed for an IoT security model that can be based on Scalability & better management of devices and; adopting some basic principles like using standards wherever possible, in-depth defence mechanism, all IoT applications to be run in secured containers, all code to be signed & only trusted code to be executed, all communications to be encrypted & authenticated, all access to resources to be authenticated and authorized etc.

He also accentuated the importance of ‘End Point Identity Management’ and put forward the measures for effective End point Identity Management-all end points, including devices and applications, must be enrolled before they participate in the IoT system; the end point must either authenticate itself directly or be vouched for, by a previously enrolled gateway; configurable delegation of trust for different use cases and; a safe end-of-life process for the engaged devices. He suggested the Cooperative Security Fabric in the Enterprise so as to find out the global security threat and finally, the micro segmentation so that the data and information does not propagate.

Under Jairaj’ s leadership, Orchestra Technology is breaking barriers with Enterprise Mobility smart solutions and fostering innovations in the area of Internet of Things. The team aims to build solutions for Mobile Architecture in order to better manage mobile devices, wireless networks and cloud computing for the businesses.

Orchestra Technology Inc., (OT) is a specialist technology partner for the Communication (Wireless and Wireline) eco-system. OT provides a focused set of services and products to help its customers manage and optimize network performance, roll out new services faster and cost-effectively, and improve overall customer experience. Focused on quality and a rigorous approach to project management together with network of seasoned professionals, enables OT to deliver products, projects and managed services in a cost effective manner. OT has served 50 plus customers from ‘start-ups’ to Fortune 500 companies since its inception in 2010 in Richardson, TX. It was founded by Anuj Jain (CEO) and Jairaj Hegde (VP) with a vision to accelerate adoption of new products while maximizing the return on the existing technology. The team has grown and expanded its engineering presence in multiple states in USA and R&D centre in India.

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SmartCert™ Certified by North American Tier 1 Operator

Orchestra Technology is extremely pleased to announce that SmartCert™ has been certified by a North American Tier 1 operator. SmartCert is Orchestra Technology’s turnkey platform for automated field testing for mobile devices. Through the comprehensive testing SmartCert executes, more phones than ever can be brought to market. The backing of this large operator is a testament to the technical prowess of SmartCert in the marketplace.

SmartCert is a one stop service for prelaunch testing, field certification, and smartphone Pic 2certification. However, what truly differentiates SmartCert is the achievement of comprehensive yet advanced services. SmartCert covers a breadth of tests, from call, data, emergence calling and voice performance, over a span of technologies, from 3G, 4G, VoLTE and VoWiFi to just name a few. SmartCert supports both branded and non-branded categories of smartphones. There is virtually no limit to what SmartCert can test and who SmartCert can service, all the while providing unparalleled expertise.

Orchestra Technology is at the forefront of technological advancement, and SmartCert is no different. SmartCert accelerates both innovation and the introduction of new smartphones. By fostering accelerated smartphone launches, Orchestra Technology is not only helping device OEMs and service providers, but also importantly, customers like you who gain faster access to these constantly improving devices.

Pic 3SmartCert confirms Orchestra Technology’s vision that sees beyond the present and into a future brimming with bountiful innovation. The certification of SmartCert by a North American Tier 1 operator is simply an affirmation of this pledge. This significant milestone, however, is just the beginning, and Orchestra Technology hopes to serve the device ecosystem for countless more years to come.

About Orchestra Technology:

Orchestra Technology provides cloud-based mobile solutions that enable enterprises and service providers solve complex business challenges, optimize networks and improve customer experience.

Orchestra Technology’s Flagship product, Intelli-Agent (IA) is a cloud based platform. The patent pending IA Platform comprises of the Wi-Fi suite, Network Suite, Multi-media suite and the Device Suite. The IA product family serves the needs of R&D, Engineering, Operations and Marketing teams for Service Providers, OEMs and Large Enterprises.

The Telecom Services (TS) BU offers turnkey software solutions, network engineering, testing, test automation, training and talent management services.

The Enterprise Mobility BU enables the mobilization of enterprise IT with a software factory model.

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Orchestra Technology CEO, Anuj Jain Wins 2015 ‘Tech Titans’ Emerging Company CEO Award

It’s all about some courage and a bit of will power; some perseverance and a lot of passion!

CEO Anuj is honored as the Emerging Company CEO of the year by the ‘Tech Titans’- The Technology Association for North Texas. Having led Orchesta for 5 years and starting from scratch, Anuj was honored for transforming the company into a sustainable and profitable business, while adding value to customers and the Technology Community ahead of the pack. Orchestra Technology, provides solutions for Cellular, Wi-Fi and Broadband industry to support today’s connected world. Orchestra’s products are designed to satisfy people’s insatiable desire for always connected new and better devices and faster network speeds. Orchestra’s cloud solutions are based on patent pending Intelli-Agent platform (IA).  IA Platform is the foundation for multiple products namely, IA – Wi-Fi Suite, IA – Network Suite, IA – Multi-media Suite and IA – Device Suite. They serve the needs of R&D, Engineering, Operations and Marketing teams for Service Providers, OEMs and Large Enterprises.

Anuj was among the four nominated finalist and over more than 4000 Technology Companies contesting for the prestigious awards for their achievements in their respective fields. “It’s a privilege. Orchestra Technology, as the name says is a team effort. I would like to recognize my team and the management, without their help and support, company would not have achieved” said Anuj while he stepped up to the rostrum. “Thanks to all our customers who have been very very collaborative for us to renovate together. I have always believed that the customers have to be the partner for us or for any Technology Company. I would also like to thank my family and my advisors. Thank You Tech Titans for giving this opportunity to emerging companies, It’s been a great honour and privilege’’

The Tech Titans Awards Gala is an event that recognizes the accomplishments ofunnamed Business leaders who bring about innovation, adoption and execution in the Technology Industry, thereby affecting and transforming lives in a superior way.  The event was hosted by the Metroplex Technology Business Council (MTBC), the largest Technology Trade Association in Texas.

It’s the time when Orchestra prides itself on accelerating in the field of Telecommunication industry. Since its inception, it has generated over $ 20 Million in revenues serving and providing solutions to more than 50 renowned Technology and Telecom companies. The judges were impressed that Anuj has not only been able to achieve significant revenues, but is also a strategist in partnering with customers, a veteran in Telecom Technology, a visionary who deeply enjoys tactical marketing, a great team player valuing group efforts and a true mentor who believes in exchanging and passing on knowledge and expertise to young minds.

This accolade is a testament to the dedication Anuj has put into developing Orchestra. It reflects extremely fruitful on the company, its products & operations and its employees. Here’s to many more years of hard work and motivation at Orchestra.

Anuj Jain is a Keynote Speaker at CIE 2015

In an effort to foster Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics, Chinese Institute of Engineers-USA hosts its 26th Annual Convention to integrate its core motto with industries. Orchestra Technology shares the same credo and embraces the idea of promoting STEM along with the prowess of Entrepreneurship and Leadership.

Very well recognized as a veteran in the field of Wireless Telecommunications, our CEO, Anuj was invited as one of the key note speakers to share his expertise and experience and suffice the very purpose of symposium ‘’Embracing Industry 4.0- Connectivity and Person.”

An entrepreneur at heart, Anuj talked of his entrepreneurial journey about generating ideas to being a founder, being an innovator to granting patents, managing strategic partnerships to creating jobs globally and; from being a visionary to a business tycoon. It all started with building a great team and merging individual team ideas to one ultimate mission-Orchestra Technology.

Along this gravity driven journey of Orchestration, also came Spatial Wireless, founded by Anuj way back in 2000. Under his judicious leadership, Spatial Wireless provided Wireless and Internet Telephony services with 50 to 75 % lower network cost per minute and developed World’s First Soft-Switch for Mobile Networks raising $ 58 M in a time span of 4 years. As they say, the successful journey of today can only begin when we learn to let go of yesterday. Spatial Wireless was led through acquisition by Alcatel in 2004 for over $250 M under well thought out strategy of the management and advisory board. Spatial Wireless is currently a part of Next Generation Networks (Wireless Business Division) of Alcatel Lucent Inc.

The Engineering and Technological voyage continues as Orchestra marches on towards providing Mobility Solutions and connectivity and satisfying unmet customer needs. Lead by Anuj with support from its elite advisory board and effective management team, Orchestra caters to more than 50 ‘start-ups to Fortune 500’ companies in the field of Cloud Mobility Solutions, Network Engineering, Test and Test Automation, Training, Consulting and Customer Software Solutions. Singing to the tune of ‘knowledge-expertise-innovation-money’, Orchestra casts on Developing Channel partners, Raising Growth capital, Expanding Internationally and Considering Spin offs.

The discourse ended with sharing of lessons learned by a CEO and a founder during his odyssey of starting and leading businesses. He shared how important it is to leverage on knowledge, build network, understanding customer needs, nurturing business relationships, team-building, executing on time and; be persistent and adaptive.

OT is much appreciative to Jeff, Charley and Royna for a great event management and thankful to all who were present as a support.

Thank You Anuj, for making the time worth-while and beholden to his leadership for making OT reach to a point where Initiatives are turned into Ideas, Beliefs are executed into Actions and Investments are turned into Earnings.


American Dream Orchestrated

President Obama says, ‘’For more than 200 years, our tradition of welcoming immigrants from around the world has given us a tremendous advantage over other nations.”

Immigrants have contributed strongly towards American economy through their diligence and entrepreneurial endeavours. Their dreams have resulted in abundant possibilities and potential for them and for United States of America.

Source: Google Images

Source: Google Images

Orchestra Technology is a fast growing company fostering innovation and providing solutions in the areas of Mobile Communications, Cloud Computing, Internet-of-Things and Business Intelligence. We hire engineering talent with specializations in above mentioned areas globally and provide them opportunities to realize their full potential.  We continuously help Fortune 1000 companies to solve their needs using our products, solutions and most importantly our talent pool

Source: Google Images

Source: Google Images

Orchestra Technology’s HR and Immigration team supports aspiring engineers in realizing their American dream. We cater to immigration needs within the boundaries of USCIS department. Human Resources team also ensures that the entry to the land of the free and home of the brave is smooth. We also offer a comprehensive set of benefits for the whole family.

Source: Google Images

Source: Google Images

Exciting projects, advanced training and immigration support makes Orchestra Technology a preferred employer for engineers from around the world. OT-Upskills program ensures that our employees are continuously trained on state-of-the-art technologies.

Reach out to us at to orchestrate your American Dream!

The Sky is No Limit!

Harnessing young brainpower for the sake of technological advancements is one of Orchestra’s core ideals. Taking a step towards this goal, Orchestra participated in a hacka-thon organized by TechM and held at the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) recently.

“A limitless future” was Orchestra’s motto as the company showcased its Intelli-Agent Platform for students to convert their own dreams into reality.

Tech M i5, a technology event sponsored by Tech Mahindra, provides a platform to encourage innovation; and bring together pioneers of new techniques with tech newbies. OT partnered with Tech Mahindra to sponsor the 3 day hackathon to combine innovative ideas and cutting edge technology to build a road the future, one Application at a time. The objective of OT’s participation was to buoy up young minds and seek new ideas that could challenge the Intelli-Agent (IA) Service Builder GUI System to create solutions to improve quality and safety of life. Orchestra Technology’s patent pending  platform IA was the core platform using which students composed their solutions. Its Cloud architecture, advanced and intuitive user interfaces helped students deliver multiple solutions in less than 3 days. A significant leap forward!

CEO Anuj talking about the challenge to the participants

CEO Anuj talking about the challenge to the participants

On the very first day, Orchestra Technology’s CEO Anuj kicked off the event by giving an overview of the  Intelli-Agent Cloud Platform and how to create new applications using it. He encouraged students to think outside the box as they conceived applications threading Friends, Family and Internet of Things together in a beautiful symphony. Over 100+ students from Computer Science at UTD attended the event and got an in-depth understanding of the platform as Inder and Ajit presented a detailed demo of Intelli-Agent.

IMG Day 1-1

Four teams collaborated with Orchestra’s Engineers to finalize their ideas and started the implementation phase. Teams downloaded the IA APP on their phones and started building their solution on top of the existing technology. The simplicity of the architecture, and the ease of its GUIs generated excitement among the students as they implemented their own ideas across a diverse range of real Mobile Apps.

The third and final day was marked with equal buzz. It was judgement day and the judging panel would select their favorite ‘hacks’. Judging criteria were Originality of idea, Ability to clearly articulate what the App does, Difficulty of technical implementation, Completeness of the application and Presentation & demo. The judging Panel consisted of Industry leaders and Academia including Orchestra Technology’s Director of Technology, Sandeep Shrivastava.

What a fruitful synthesis of innovative ideas and intelligent applications! The event ended with a great spirit of learning and erudition. Multiple new Applications were conceived and demonstrated as part of the 3 day event.

Kudos go to Priyank, Dinesh and Abhishek from Tech M and Professor Pete Poorman from UTD for organizing a very successful event. Jeff and Sandeep supported the initiatives and worked closely with organizers and students to make it a great success!.

Captured Moments




A Note of Hope

Anuj Jain-CEO & Founder
Jeff Chen- Vice President
Puja Srivastava- HR Manager

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” Henry Ford

Source: Google Images

Source: Google Images

Yes, we thrived in 2014, time for another beginning as the New Year is ahead. With many successes achieved in the past year, Orchestra is all set to bear new possibilities and enlarge its horizon. Last year has been a great year as far as achieving the targets are concerned and; with a shared sense of team-spirit and hard work, OT moves ahead with great hope to climb another notch on the ladder of success.

While we welcome 2015, it is also the time to look back and feel proud of the achievements. The efforts, energy, hard work, dedication and commitment of each one of us has led to a productive year. We have grown in every aspects- people, purpose and productivity. Being a customer oriented organisation, we have been able to build a culture where focus lies in satisfying customer expectations and adding value, thereby establishing stronger business collaborations with clients and associates. We evinced our technical skills by delivering many successful projects in this year. Orchestra thanks to one and all for such great upshot.

The perseverance of each one of us has led to excellent results and holding on to the same note, OT aspires to reach new heights in the coming year. Let us all align our strength and wisdom with the organizational aim and strive for better results. Let us all join, not just hands, but join our hearts too, to achieve what lies over the horizon. Let success follow our abilities. While the challenges are great; we, the Orchestra, be filled with the absolute determination to make best of ourselves. Let us all pledge commitment and efforts. Let us all live the brand, Orchestra!

The OT Symphony:2014



Secret Santa at Orchestra!The Merriment continues…

Leisure is in the air! It’s time for all the gaiety and fun.  With Christmas, Team OT observed another occasion of rejoicing. The festive season casting magic on all, filled the entire office with joy and enthusiasm. Christmas tree, Cake, Pizza and all manner of rock ‘n’ roll goodies for the delectation of all, Oh yes! They came with great gusto.

Christmas at Orchestra

Christmas at Orchestra

The conference room was gaily decorated, all very gay and bright. In the far corner of the room, was a well decorated Christmas tree. Resembling very much holy fir and pine decorated with silver tinsel, miniature crackers and glass balls of many different colors. On the top, looking down on the tree with its myriads of tiny fairy lights is a Christmas star — shining and silvery, gifts underneath for all. Special incense brought the aroma of evergreens and freshness of the Himalayan peaks into the office.

No celebration is complete without a party flavor. At Orchestra Christmas, the team came in happy and excited to have some blithesome moments on the notes of fun, laughter and jokes. The jollification continued with a ‘Black Forest cake’ and ‘Texas Size Pizzas’.


20141219_15534320141219_162958 (1)

Christmas is the time to have fun and excitement, it’s the time to share love and happiness; it’s the time to rejoice so many wonderful gifts life gives and it’s the time to realize the joy of giving. To add to the merriment, the secret Santa had gifts for all, ensuring smiling faces on Christmas.  It was joyous to see the team bonding together. Most enjoyable was when they wore “Sherlock Holmes” hat  and tried to guess who their secret Santa was.  Someone looked at the handwriting, someone was searching for “finger prints” and some adopted under the table techniques “bribing” Royna. It was delightful to see how everyone was so thoughtful in choosing the gifts and adding to the Christmas Galore.

Team OT is thankful to Jeff, Kathy and Royna for their enthusiasm and endeavour to make this Christmas memorable, beautiful and joyous. Orchestra family sings it’s Carol in the rhythm of team spirit, sharing happiness, mutual respect, coordination and joie de vivre. A time together to cherish for!



Halloween: A Perfect Celebration Moment with “The Orchestra Family”

Oct 31st! Yes, it’s that time of the month that we all get ready for some spooky Halloween celebrations. It’s that time of the month, we have our pumpkins lit up in the dark, bags filled with candy and welcome in the trick or offer the treats to the trick-or-treaters.

At Orchestra, Halloween was celebrated in great splendor by everyone at office. As part Pumplin paradeof the celebration, everyone was handed a little pumpkin the day before Halloween and was asked to either carve, draw, or embellish the pumpkin, of course, without cooking it. The employees took their respective pumpkins home that evening, spent some quality time with their family or loved ones and came back the next morning with creatively decorated pumpkins.

IA test robot pumpkinSome carved the pumpkin. Some drew on the pumpkin. Some carved and beautifully embellished the pumpkin. This pumpkin, with an inkling of high tech, called the “IA Test Robot”, was inspired by Orchestra Technology’s main tool, Cloud Platform, the Intelli-Agent.  It was skillfully embellished with paper clips, candy canes and things that made it look like a robot at work. Everyone wished the IA Test Robot would take up all their tasks on the day of Halloween. Amazingly it did! Ask me how……

Royna, who comes with deep interest in art and painting, had her pumpkin carved with cindrella carriage pumpkinsuch precision that we could clearly see the teeth sticking out of her “pumpkin monster” (#4).  Roger took the privilege of having some cute help and had his pumpkin drawn by his little daughter. She had a two faced pumpkin on either ends: one sad face named ‘Sad’ and another happy face named ‘Smiley’ (# 7). In this fun pumpkin parade at Orchestra’s arcade, only one was going to be selected as the winner. Everyone casted votes using colorful M&Ms for their top three pumpkins. The winner was our very own CEO, Anuj Jain. Anuj came up with a brilliantly creative idea of turning his pumpkin into Cinderella’s carriage by using scrap pieces of plastic to make wheels and creatively balanced the pumpkin on all the four sides. It was a perfect, out of the box Cinderella’s carriage.

Everyone congratulated our winner and the day ended with cutting cake and distributing halloween cakecandies. Everyone’s creativity was appreciated as they thought out of the box to come up with something quickly in a day and with minimal resources. This was a great occasion where Orchestra Family came together and bonded so well while sharing their pumpkin carving experience with their family to their co-workers. It was good to see the behind-the-scenes of the little pumpkin turning into a beautifully, embellished end product.

OT is proud of its multi-skilled team which is a blend of technical expertise, art, dexterity, flair and great aptitude. What a creative and a fun day to take a break from work and spend quality time with not only our family/loved ones but also our co-workers!

Yash Ramamurthy